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Calling All Telecommunication BPOs 

to a Blockchain Powered MSO.

Welcome to Groove by Retrographic ® Powered By Helium

Groove, is a project by CableGuy Inc a subsidiary of Guy Inc which is a business process outsourcing firm located in more than 5+ countries around the world with more than 6,000+ daily volume of sales for Cable, Internet & Home phone services services to the end consumer. Our served markets are United States, Canada, United Kingdom, United Arab Emirates, Pakistan, Australia & more.

P O W E R E D - B Y

How does Helium merge with Groove? ®

At Groove we produce our clients to be able to sell & provide the best internet services at their doorstep. Our representatives are working dedicatedly to sell home internet services to our clients, we have a separate department that conducts a 1 on 1 meeting with our clients to enlighten them with the possibility of how the Helium Network is able to provide them with more savings & profits on daily basis. 

How to become a Groove affiliate ?

Retrographic is opening doors for all telecom based bpo’s around the world to take the advantage of the Groove program by signing up as Affiliate partners. Our affiliates on this program will be rewarded with the best in the market commissions + bonus RTO tokens for each sale. Affiliates will be provided with a welcome kit as soon as they have been qualified for becoming a retail partner with Groove.  

The Network is Live

The People’s Network is the world’s fastest growing wireless network ever.